Lyrics: Where You Got To

Posted: November 11, 2010 in lyrics, music

Lookin’ up my heart, in the library
Your perfume caught me, back in History
I snuck past Mystery, charged by War
By the time I made Romance, you were out the door

The tail of your scarf, trailing the breeze
Brushin’ by a lampost, caressing a tree
I called down the street, one last plea
That corner was turned, I’m left in the freeze

Baby, … where you got to? Baby, … what I done?
I’d do, or undo anything – howl ’til the moon ain’t blue
You won’t even turn your head
Baby, where you got to

Felt your whisper, rustlin’ the leaves
Growl of an angel, disturbin’ my dreams
You’re smoke in a sieve, there and between
Here no more, can’t be what it seems


Baby, where you got to

© Loren Hicks, SOCAN | View more lyrics here.

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