Loren Hicks, musician

Loren sings the bluesI have made a living doing a lot of different things. I’ve trained as a sniper, driven fork lift trucks, written software, built and repaired  firearms, managed big corporate projects, been a caseworker with delinquent kids, done carpentry, managed sales teams, Lectured at McGill University, stacked steel plates, made chandeliers, advised executives in companies big and small, and busked on street corners.

Currently I spend most of my time writing songs and playing a banjo, mostly in and around my home neighbourhood, The Junction, in Toronto, Canada. I settled here after living in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montréal, and other parts of Toronto.

I am the Hicks part of Hicks & Dawe, my main musical venture with my partners Sheldon Dawe and Neil Kitagawa. We play in several venues in and around Toronto. Neil and I are also starting some experimental electronic music with sax and banjo as the Insidious Elves – stay tuned

While I occasionally play for money (in Canada only so far, maybe with proper permits elsewhere sometime), I also love to just jam with people for fun, and often go to open mikes if I’m free.  On a sunny summer day you may find me busking, also mostly for fun. Sometimes in blizzards, too, just ’cause.

I’m interested in almost everything, and would love to hear from you if you have something to say about anything you’ve found here, would like to find here, like to book us/me for an event, or even if you just want to say hello.

I’ll get back to you quick as I can …


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