If I am not fixing things or playing the banjo, I may just be on the open road. Whether it’s a quick spin to Montréal for lunch at Schwartz’s or rolling to Boston by way of Tijuana, or Charlottesville by way of Victoria, most rides are not without their stories.

Stay tuned for some “on the road” adventure posts and photos.

Yes, I am riding a self-propelled banjo case. For those who care about such matters, it started as an ’02 FXST. Two engines and almost 1/4 million kilometres later, I’m not sure what to call it. Second home, maybe?

If, by chance, you see me on the road, please stop me and say hi. Nothing I like better than having a coffee and chewing the fat with someone, or even better, an impromptu jam if you’re so inclined.

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