Hicks & Dawe

Hicks & Dawe are a Toronto-based original music band, who have been playing venues in town since about 2002. Loren Hicks is a fingerstyle banjo player, playing 5-string open back banjos without the use of fingerpicks. Sheldon “Doc” Dawe is a rhythm and flatpicking guitar player, most often seen with a booming Gibson. In recent years we have been consistently joined by Neil Kitagawa on sax and bass (not at the same time (usually)). And, in 2013 we have been joined by Martha Aykroyd, who wields a variety of percussion instruments. From time to time we have others sit in with us for a set or two.

H&D grew out of a jam that Doc and our friend Wayne Sorge had been running for many years. Hicks was brought into it by his dear friend, the late Jim Porcher. While Doc has been songwriting for many years, it was at the jam that Hicks first started his journey with this craft. 16 years later …

We perform mostly our own songs, written by one of the other of us, and arranged by us. There are not many boundaries to style when we compose. Some tunes might be called country, some folk, some reggae, some blues and some jazz. With a sea shanty, balled, or a waltz thrown in for good measure. We also perform a few covers, many written by the late Sorge or other of our friends, some from local players we have known, and then a few others we just like and have arranged to suit us. Rarely will you hear us play anything that was ever on the radio. If you’re looking for a cover band, we’re not it.

We describe our music as neo-roots.

Check out the events tab for upcoming appearances.

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