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Reno basement floor and walls

Posted: October 24, 2011 in handyman

Here’s a basement dug down in an old house. Concrete floor, with padding and carpet straight on. there is a wall unit blocking off a cupboard, with a small crawl-door cut into the stairwell for access. The carpet is quite¬† old, and has had two boys and at least one cat and one dog contribute to its patina over the years. The job – put down maple floor, open the cupboard back up, and get rid of the crawl-door.¬† With some help from my friend …

It looks like this to start …

Back of basement before

Front of basement – before

so first – rip up the carpet and under padding (yeech), pry the nail strips out of the concrete (an ouch or two), thoroughly clean, and start putting down the new padding.


Ikea-hacked spice racks

Posted: September 22, 2011 in handyman
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Finally, after six months of almost unbearable deprivation, the spice racks are up, and cooking can resume with a substantial enough panoply of fragrance. I am happy to report for the sake of global commerce that there seems to be quite a lot of room left on the new spice racks for yet-to-be-discovered savouries…


Don’t try this at home…

Posted: July 14, 2011 in handyman

…at least without a mask, goggles and a fan. Sanding drywall can be…a tad messy. But amusing, as it turns out. Especially if you have a manly looking shower cap and a camera handy. But on the plus side, just look at how smooth the ceiling is!