Ikea-hacked spice racks

Posted: September 22, 2011 in handyman
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Finally, after six months of almost unbearable deprivation, the spice racks are up, and cooking can resume with a substantial enough panoply of fragrance. I am happy to report for the sake of global commerce that there seems to be quite a lot of room left on the new spice racks for yet-to-be-discovered savouries…

These were made from some discontinued Ikea shelves. Cut down to size, finish sanded off, shelf edges added to stop things sliding off, and then primer, two coats of paint (blue for the shelves, wall colour for the struts on the wall, semi-gloss melamine paint for the struts going on the other side), and the shelves almost look like they’re floating.

This project also made it through the “is it cool enough” filters at Ikeahackers … so I guess it must be

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