Lyrics: Road to San Antonio

Posted: November 10, 2009 in lyrics, music

There’s a terrible beauty in the pounding rain
As an eighteen wheeler sails on by
The bike surfs on his muddy wake, white knuckle time or slide
Might die this second or maybe the next,
A crumple of blood and twisted steel
Fear at last is something I can feel

His smokestack splatters diesel black,
On a sky of a thousand sparkling grays
Blots of red, his brake lights rip beauty from dismay
All my senses whirl their dials past ten
Scalding pipes steam my heart from ice
An inch from death but only half an inch from paradise

You’d think I’d have enough sense to pull over
For a coffee and a chat with some waitress about this storm
But the thunder pealed my sense away a hundred claps ago
In the hard rain on the road to San Antonio

There was a look in her eye I’d never seen before
The day we couldn’t find a way to say goodbye
Not love, not hate, a tired thing, whisper of a sigh
In awkward silence and polite words, we never dared our fears display
So we let all our beauty wash away

You’d think there oughtta’ve been lightning in the background
But the drama fled that scene long ago
Nothin’ to say and nothin’ to see and nothin’ left to be
But in the hard rain on the road to San Antonio

I thought I had enough love to keep love flowing
But when my angels drowned they sank my demons low
Without fear how can there be beauty in this world
So I’m in the hard rain on the road to San Antonio

Any luck there’ll be hail on the road past San Antonio

©Loren Hicks, SOCAN all rights reserved | View more lyrics here.

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